Plumbing emergencies don’t happen on our schedules.  Sometimes, you need a plumbing service at the most inconvenient time – but you need them right away.

Whether you need an emergency sewer cleaning or emergency drain service, Curt and Jerry will be able to take care of your plumbing issue right when you need them.

Schedule anytime

We offer 24 hour scheduling.  After all, emergencies don’t always happen on a 9 to 5 schedule, and we want to be able to help you as soon as we possibly can.

A company with experience

Emergency cleanings can be very delicate situations. That is why you want an experienced specialist to handle your emergency sewer cleanings and emergency drain cleanings.

Curt and Jerry have had their emergency drain service for 50 years.  During those years we have developed a reputation for excellence all around Indianapolis. Let us show you why that reputation is well deserved.

In addition, we also use Spartan equipment, the best tools on the market.  When we do a job, we want get it done right the first time. After our emergency sewer cleaning, you shouldn’t have these kinds of surprises again.

Done right the first time

While many other companies pay their employees on commission, we pay our employees a regular wage. The reason that we do this is so that our specialists won’t leave until the job is completely finished.

We guarantee our work

Customers have made our business what it is and they shape what kind of company that we will become. That’s why we want all of our customers to be completely satisfied. We offer a guarantee on all of our emergency sewer cleanings and emergency drain cleanings because of our commitment to our customers.

Many in the Indianapolis area have already been very pleased with the emergency services that we offer. Just ask around: we’re there when you need us.

Give us a call any time you need emergency sewer or drain cleaning.