Clearing Clogged Pipes in Indianapolis for 70+ Years

When it comes to drain cleaning, you want a company whose primary objective is to clear your drains; not sell you other services. When you use Curt & Jerry Sewer Service you are using a drain cleaning specialist. There will be no additional sales pitch.

We use Spartan equipment for optimum quality and efficiency. We’ve also developed our own blades which outperform anything else on the market. Our custom blades are more flexible and vary in size so that we can cut through just about anything. In fact, our machine shop custom makes various parts that attach to the drain cleaning cable, giving us a winning edge on the drain cleaning industry.

Clogged pipes occur over time

Sinks and drains tend to get clogged up over time because detergents, grease, soaps, and other materials build up inside the walls of those drains. When this happens, you need a service that can clean the buildup away from the walls of your pipes so you get a clean drain that stays unclogged for as long as possible.

Commercial or Residential

Nearly all structures have drains of one sort or another. And those drains are susceptible to clogs and other types of stoppages. We service all types and sizes of drains including those in your house, home, industrial buildings or small business locations. No job is too big or too small.

We offer guarantees

Plumbers who work on commission often do their work in a hurry and leave without caring whether your drains clog up again. We offer a conditional guarantee on residential sewer lines that stretches up to one year, as long as outside damage does not exist.

Inlet lines have a 30-day guarantee. For sewer and inlet lines, sometimes the best way to clean them is through the roof vent. We do this as well, where most companies refuse to clean the drain in this way. Our professional technicians will make sure that the drain cleaning services they provide solve your problems completely.

Good customer service for 70 years

Our customer service team is comprised of many long-term employees who back our business philosophy. As a family owned business for 70 years, we rely on a lot of recommendations – and much of our customer base has spanned several generations.
Contact us today for drain cleaning done quickly, efficiently – and guaranteed.