Curt & Jerry Sewer Service has been in business for nearly 75 years.  Which is exactly why you would trust us with an emergency like a clogged toilet drain.

It’s not the most glamorous job.  But you want someone who knows what they are doing to perform your toilet drain cleaning.

Reliable Toilet Drain Cleaninghand-flushing-a-toilet

A toilet drain clog is not something to wait on.  Curt & Jerry Sewer Service can typically take care of it same day.  You are going to want fast service with a toilet drain clog emergency.

Our reliable service has been proven again and again.  Just take a look at our testimonials from the Indianapolis area.

Some customers have been with us for generations.  Loyalty like that only comes from an exceptional dedication to service – every time.

Say Goodbye to Your Toilet Drain Clog

With our experience, not only are we quick to respond, but we are also very efficient.  All of our technicians are paid hourly as opposed to by job.

You can be certain that we will be there until the issue is completely fixed.  Our employees don’t rush toilet drain cleanings for a commission.

Give us a call, with a toilet clogged, you probably want to sooner rather than later.