High Pressure Water Car WashThere’s a lot of red tape involved in car wash pit cleaning. If you don’t hire the correct car wash pit cleaner, someone who doesn’t know the ins and outs, you may be involved in some trouble down the road.

Curt and Jerry Sewer Service are experts in the collection and the disposal of car wash pit waste. We know that running the car wash is worry enough – you don’t need be worried about your car wash pit cleaner doing a poor job.

Good for you – good for the environment

Curt and Jerry Sewer Service always does its best to minimize the amount of water we must haul away. This is good for the environment and it helps make your money go as far as it can.

Our car wash pit cleaners have unmatched experience in the field – and we’ve been in business since 1946. We know what we’re doing – and people trust us.

Car wash pit cleaning guarantee

Car wash pit cleanings are a big investment and you shouldn’t be concerned about whether or not it will be worth it. We offer a guarantee on our work so that isn’t an issue.

There are no extra charges tacked onto the quote after it has been submitted. We will do what we say for the price that you have been given.  That is true flat rate pricing.

Speedy service

Whenever you need a cleaning, we can usually schedule it within the next 24 hours.  So be sure to contact us the next time you need a car wash pit cleaning.